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jotu 02-14-2013 08:25 AM

Corned beef
Hi, I am thinking to make some pastrami and I was wondering if anyone of you have great brine recipe for corned beef? :)

joe arras 02-14-2013 10:09 AM

This will get ya started Jotu

Bigwheel's Grand Prize Winning Corned Beef (Rev 2/25/10)

2 big severely trimmed packer briskets
2 gallons Foat Wuth tap water
1 cup pickling/canning salt
1 cup Mortons Tender Quick
2 cups brown sugar
1/2 cup dried minced onyawns
1/4 cup garlic powder
1/3 cup coarse grind black pepper
2 T. dry mustard
2 T. ground corriander
1 T. ground Thyme
1 liberal sprinkle ground Allspice
1 chintzy sprinkle ground Cloves
4 or 5 or 6 of Joe Ames good tasting bay leaves

Get the brine ice cold and strain enough of it through a tea strainer to shoot up the briskets. Stick the beastes in double bagged Glad tall kitchen trash bags and pour half the cold brine over each. Force out all the air and tie a knot in the top. Stick them in the ice box for about 5 days giving them a daily shake and flop inside the bag. Rinse and coat with ground corriander and black peppa. Cook in the smoke between 225-250 till the internal rises to around 175-180 and dont seem to want to go any higher. Wrap in foil and throw in the insulated box for a few hours prior to serving. Slice it thin and pile it high crosswise of the grain of course and on a bun. You need mustard cheese and sour kraut to go with. If you know how to make a pan toasted Reuben do it like that.


joe arras 02-14-2013 10:13 AM

This too

jotu 02-14-2013 10:24 AM

Thanks Joe, have to check what about those can been found here in Finland.

HFD26 02-14-2013 10:43 AM

Jotu, if you do a search for "Corned Beef" you will find several threads about corned beef. Check this out. http://www.virtualweberbullet.com/pastrami.html

jotu 02-14-2013 04:22 PM

Ok, that your link the brisket was drycured. Which is better way to do it? brine or drycuring?

We dont have Mortons Tender Quick, or anything like that.
Can I do corned beef without it?

BluDawg 02-15-2013 10:54 AM

Curing Salt
Curing salt is also known as Prague Powder Number 1. This is a standard 6.25% cure for any meat that requires cooking, smoking or canning.


Half Fast BBQ'n 02-15-2013 10:58 AM

I'll send you 2 gallons of Foat Wuth tap water for $200 US dollars, Jutu :stirthepot:

joe arras 02-15-2013 02:18 PM

What ya sayin Mike, his water too clean???

joe arras 02-15-2013 02:23 PM

Jotu, if you have to, you can order the salt here

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