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Old 07-31-2010, 07:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Fred View Post
I have bought a 100 or more cases of ribs at Sams & they are almost always the same quality -

Briskets = I 'prefer' to buy 'choice cut' & most times I can find a few 'good lookers' at a local Market

However when I bulk cook (over 12 for me) I usually buy by the case

I go threw 30+ cases of Briskets a year & sometimes find a few clinkers

We have a local meat packing company (Tyson's) & I have a contact at the plant & get discounts on 5 or more cases - (30 briskets)

PS. Sams has Case Ribs on for 1.58 right now - & that makes them apx 50.00 a case = a good deal

- If I wink at the butcher - he sells me ALL the left handed briskets I want .........wink

Always....6 briskets / 9 racks per case - NEVER have i found it to be diff
Fred! You just set me in motion! After reading your post I quickly got my *** off the couch and made a quick run to Sams. My Sams had the case of IPB Spares for $1.62 instead of $1.58 per lb. The regular price is $2.27 per lb.

Correct, 3 packages of 3 for a total of 9 racks. 42 plus lbs cost me $69.98. If I had bought three individual packages, they would have cost me $95 plus. Gotta clear out some freezer space if I am going to check out a case of brisket.
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Old 07-31-2010, 08:07 PM
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Here you can save buying ribs by the case at Sam's, but the case price on brisket is only about a penny a pound cheaper than the individual price.

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Old 08-01-2010, 03:54 PM
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Sams is where I buy in bulk and most of the time I buy my spare ribs there in the 3 pack. I have purchased hundreds of cases of brisket and what I find is to ask the guy working in the butcher area to find you cases weighing about 72 pounds. Seems like there are always 6 briskets in cases weighing in that range. If you get up to about 80 pound cases for brisket you could get only 5 large briskets in a case. That I found to be the deal there and asking the butcher manager at Restaurant Depot he confirmed that. He said always go with cases in the 70 pound range and you will get 6 briskets in a case. If you go to a heavier case weight you can only get 5 big briskets in a case.

As for ribs all except one time did I get 3 packages of 3 racks in a case. Look what they are selling in the store and most of the time it is 3 packs of ribs. Once I got 4 double packs in a case at Sams but they are usually 3-3packs. Saves you some money with the case pricing as well.
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